Rove Beetle Bites – Symptoms and Effective Treatment

Below is an article about Rove Beetle Bites – Symptoms and Effective Treatment.

During the autumn season, as the harvest period begins, there is an increase in Rove beetles. They contain pederin, a substance that causes burns, blisters, and skin inflammation upon contact. What should we do when having Rove Beetle Bites ?

1/ What are Rove beetles?

Rove beetles are a type of beetle that commonly inhabit moist areas such as grassy shores and dense bushes. They are attracted to light, especially artificial light sources in the evening.

Contact with the fluid of Rove beetles on objects (towels, pillows, clothing, etc.) can cause skin inflammation. This is due to the presence of pederin in their fluid, which is a highly toxic amino acid. Research has shown that pederin is 12 times more toxic than the venom of tropical snakes.

The peak reproductive period for Rove beetles is from July to October. During the rainy season, when people are harvesting crops or burning fields, there is a higher chance of encountering Rove beetles. Therefore, during this time, there are often many cases of Rove beetle bites.

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2/ Common symptoms after being bitten by a Rove beetle

We need to differentiate between the Rove Beetle Bites and herpes zoster (shingles) because both have the symptom of water blisters appearing on the skin. However, the causes of the conditions are different.

When bitten by a Rove beetle, the skin comes into direct contact with the beetle’s fluid, and symptoms will appear after 24 hours. The extent of damage can vary depending on the duration of contact, the area of the skin, and the mode of contact.

  • Mild damage: The skin only has small red spots at the contact area and may cause mild itching. These symptoms usually subside on their own after a few days.
  • Moderate damage: In addition to redness, there are water blisters that will later contain pus and cause pain and tenderness. Depressions and blistering of the skin may occur. This condition lasts from 15 to 20 days and appears as long-lasting wounds on the skin due to fluid secretion from the insect.
  • Severe damage: Multiple water blisters appear and spread, which can lead to infection, pain, and discomfort. Some cases may be accompanied by fever and swollen lymph nodes. These complications can occur due to improper hygiene practices or a weakened immune system.

3/ Things to Note When Bitten by Rove Beetles

When bitten by a Rove beetle, you need to accurately identify the symptoms and progression of the injury to apply appropriate treatment. Avoid excessive application of Acyclovir (an antiviral medication), as this can deepen the wound and complicate the treatment process.

Avoid scratching the area affected by the Rove beetle bite, as this can enlarge the wound and prolong the healing time. Hands harbor numerous bacteria and dirt, so scratching increases the risk of infection in the affected area, and in more severe cases, it can lead to systemic infection. Additionally, scratching the injured area can spread the secretions to surrounding areas and cause additional damage.

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4/ You should take preventive measures to avoid being bitten by Rove beetles, including:

a. Use mosquito nets while sleeping, avoid using LED or neon lights at night, close doors tightly, draw curtains, and limit the use of lights.

b. For individuals working extensively in fields, use protective gear such as gloves, boots, hats, caps, masks, and wear protective clothing for hands and feet.

Note: The provided measures are general guidelines and it is advisable to consult a healthcare professional for specific advice and treatment in case of Rove beetle bites.

Rove Beetle Bites are common occurrences, however, many people still do not know how to handle it. Therefore, understanding these issues is crucial to protect oneself and those around them. Do not let the wound persist for too long, take action early to avoid potential consequences.

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